Field Guide to Amphibians of the Eastern Arc Mountains and Coastal Forests of Tanzania and Kenya

Publication Type:Book
Year of Publication:2010
Authors:E. B. Harper, Measey, G. J., Patrick, D. A., Menegon, M., Vonesh, J. R.
Number of Pages:320
Publisher:Camerapix Publishers International
City:Nairobi, Kenya
Taxonomic name: 
Ptychadena uzungwensis (Loveridge, 1932) (Amphibians), Ptychadena mossambica (Peters, 1854) (Amphibians), Ptychadena mascareniensis (Duméril and Bibron, 1841) (Amphibians), Phrynobatrachus natalensis (Smith, 1849) (Amphibians), Phrynomantis bifasciatus (Smith, 1847) (Amphibians), Hyperolius pusillus (Cope, 1862) (Amphibians), Amietophrynus garmani (Meek, 1897) (Amphibians), Nectophrynoides viviparus (Tornier, 1905) (Amphibians), Nectophrynoides vestergaardi Menegon, Salvidio, and Loader, 2004 (Amphibians), Nectophrynoides tornieri (Roux, 1906) (Amphibians), Nectophrynoides pseudotornieri Menegon, Salvidio, and Loader, 2004 (Amphibians), Nectophrynoides poyntoni Menegon, Salvidio, and Loader, 2004 (Amphibians), Nectophrynoides minutus Perret, 1972 (Amphibians), Nectophrynoides laevis Menegon, Salvidio, and Loader, 2004 (Amphibians), Nectophrynoides frontierei Menegon, Salvidio, and Loader, 2004 (Amphibians), Nectophrynoides cryptus Perret, 1971 (Amphibians), Nectophrynoides asperginis Poynton, Howell, Clarke, and Lovett, 1999 (Amphibians), Mertensophryne uzunguensis (Loveridge, 1932) (Amphibians), Mertensophryne usambarae (Poynton and Clarke, 1999) (Amphibians), Mertensophryne taitana (Peters, 1878) (Amphibians), Mertensophryne micranotis (Loveridge, 1925) (Amphibians), Mertensophryne loveridgei (Poynton, 1991) (Amphibians), Mertensophryne lindneri (Mertens, 1955) (Amphibians), Churamiti maridadi Channing and Stanley, 2002 (Amphibians), Amietophrynus reesi (Poynton, 1977) (Amphibians), Phrynobatrachus uzungwensis Grandison and Howell, 1984 (Amphibians), Phrynobatrachus ukingensis (Loveridge, 1932) (Amphibians), Phrynobatrachus scheffleri (Nieden, 1911) (Amphibians), Phrynobatrachus rungwensis (Loveridge, 1932) (Amphibians), Phrynobatrachus krefftii Boulenger, 1909 (Amphibians), Phrynobatrachus acridoides (Cope, 1867) (Amphibians), Phlyctimantis keithae Schiøtz, 1975 (Amphibians), Kassina senegalensis (Duméril and Bibron, 1841) (Amphibians), Kassina maculata (Duméril, 1853) (Amphibians), Hyperolius tuberilinguis Smith, 1849 (Amphibians), Hyperolius tanneri Schiøtz, 1982 (Amphibians), Hyperolius spinigularis Stevens, 1971 (Amphibians), Hyperolius puncticulatus (Pfeffer, 1893) (Amphibians), Hyperolius pseudargus Schiøtz and Westergaard in Schiøtz, 1999 (Amphibians), Hyperolius pictus Ahl, 1931 (Amphibians), Hyperolius parkeri Loveridge, 1933 (Amphibians), Hyperolius mitchelli Loveridge, 1953 (Amphibians), Hyperolius minutissimus Schiøtz, 1975 (Amphibians), Hyperolius mariae Barbour and Loveridge, 1928 (Amphibians), Hyperolius kihangensis Schiøtz and Westergaard in Schiøtz, 1999 (Amphibians), Hyperolius glandicolor Peters, 1878 (Amphibians), Hyperolius argus Peters, 1854 (Amphibians), Afrixalus uluguruensis (Barbour and Loveridge, 1928) (Amphibians), Afrixalus stuhlmanni (Pfeffer, 1893) (Amphibians), Afrixalus morerei Dubois, 1986 (Amphibians), Afrixalus fornasini (Bianconi, 1849) (Amphibians), Hemisus marmoratus (Peters, 1854) (Amphibians), Schismaderma carens (Smith, 1848) (Amphibians), Amietophrynus xeros (Tandy, Tandy, Keith, and Duff-MacKay, 1976) (Amphibians), Amietophrynus maculatus (Hallowell, 1854) (Amphibians), Amietophrynus gutturalis (Power, 1927) (Amphibians), Leptopelis vermiculatus (Boulenger, 1909) (Amphibians), Leptopelis uluguruensis Barbour and Loveridge, 1928 (Amphibians), Leptopelis parkeri Barbour and Loveridge, 1928 (Amphibians), Leptopelis flavomaculatus (Günther, 1864) (Amphibians), Leptopelis barbouri Ahl, 1929 (Amphibians), Leptopelis argenteus (Pfeffer, 1893) (Amphibians), Arthroleptis xenodactylus Boulenger, 1909 (Amphibians), Arthroleptis xenodactyloides Hewitt, 1933 (Amphibians), Arthroleptis stenodactylus Pfeffer, 1893 (Amphibians), Arthroleptis reichei Nieden, 1911 (Amphibians), Arthroleptis nikeae Poynton, 2003 (Amphibians), Arthroleptis tanneri Grandison, 1983 (Amphibians), Arthroleptis affinis Ahl, 1939 (Amphibians), Nectophrynoides wendyae Clarke, 1988 (Amphibians), Nectophrynoides laticeps Channing, Menegon, Salvidio, and Akker, 2005 (Amphibians), Callulina kisiwamsitu de Sá, Loader, and Channing, 2004 (Amphibians), Callulina kreffti Nieden, 1911 (Amphibians), Ptychadena anchietae (Bocage, 1868) (Amphibians), Probreviceps durirostris Loader, Channing, Menegon, and Davenport, 2006 (Amphibians), Xenopus muelleri (Peters, 1844) (Amphibians), Breviceps mossambicus Peters, 1854 (Amphibians), Hildebrandtia ornata (Peters, 1878) (Amphibians), Ptychadena taenioscelis Laurent, 1954 (Amphibians), Arthroleptis stridens (Pickersgill, 2007) (Amphibians), Strongylopus fuelleborni Nieden, 1911 (Amphibians), Hylarana galamensis (Duméril and Bibron, 1841) (Amphibians), Pyxicephalus edulis Peters, 1854 (Amphibians), Amietia angolensis (Bocage, 1866) (Amphibians), Ptychadena oxyrhynchus (Smith, 1849) (Amphibians), Ptychadena grandisonae Laurent, 1954 (Amphibians), Chiromantis xerampelina Peters, 1854 (Amphibians), Probreviceps rungwensis Loveridge, 1932 (Amphibians), Callulina dawida Loader, Measy, de Sa, and Malonza, 2009 (Amphibians), Boulengerula boulengeri Tornier, 1896 (Amphibians), Chiromantis petersii Boulenger, 1882 (Amphibians), Amietia viridireticulata (Pickersgill, 2007) (Amphibians), Amietia tenuoplicata (Pickersgill, 2007) (Amphibians), Xenopus borealis Parker, 1936 (Amphibians), Petropedetes yakusini (Channing, Moyer, and Howell, 2002) (Amphibians), Petropedetes martiensseni (Nieden, 1911) (Amphibians), Parhoplophryne usambarica Barbour and Loveridge, 1928 (Amphibians), Hoplophryne uluguruensis Barbour and Loveridge, 1928 (Amphibians), Hoplophryne rogersi Barbour and Loveridge, 1928 (Amphibians), Hyperolius rubrovermiculatus Schiøtz, 1975 (Amphibians), Hyperolius reesi Schiøtz, 1982 (Amphibians), Hyperolius nasutus Günther, 1865 (Amphibians), Afrixalus delicatus Pickersgill, 1984 (Amphibians), Nectophrynoides paulae Menegon, Salvidio, Ngalason, and Loader, 2007 (Amphibians), Amietophrynus brauni (Nieden, 1911) (Amphibians), Probreviceps macrodactylus (Nieden, 1926) (Amphibians), Probreviceps loveridgei Parker, 1931 (Amphibians), Breviceps fichus Channing and Minter, 2004 (Amphibians), Leptopelis concolor Ahl, 1929 (Amphibians), Arthroleptis nguruensis Poynton, Menegon and Loader, 2008 (Amphibians), Arthroleptis kidogo Blackburn, 2009 (Amphibians), Arthroleptis fichika Blackburn, 2009 (Amphibians), Boulengerula changamwensis Loveridge, 1932 (Amphibians), Boulengerula niedeni Müller, Measey, Loader, and Malonza, 2005 (Amphibians), Boulengerula taitana Loveridge, 1935 (Amphibians), Boulengerula uluguruensis Barbour and Loveridge, 1928 (Amphibians), Schistometopum gregorii (Boulenger, 1895) (Amphibians), Scolecomorphus kirkii Boulenger, 1883 (Amphibians), Scolecomorphus uluguruensis Barbour and Loveridge, 1928 (Amphibians)
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