Dear colleagues,

We expect that African Amphibians will be a key resource for both the public and experts in the field, including those who may not have access to original descriptions, taxonomic changes, and updates of species distributions from scientific journals. Of the utmost importance is assembling high-quality taxonomic information that is reviewed by experts in the field. Therefore, in order to reach these goals, we ask you to participate in assembling and editing this data. You can contribute to African Amphibians by:

1) Writing species pages or mentoring students who can write species pages.

2) Sending us translations of original species descriptions written in other languages.

3) Uploading photographs of live animals or specimens.

4) Uploading recordings of call data or videos.

5) Making us aware of other databases, online resources, or researchers that could be included in this project.

7) Connecting us with publishers that might be willing to allow the Biodiversity Heritage Library to scan copyrighted material and include their publications on the BHL website. Scanning is done at no cost to the publisher and makes the work available for use by researchers and scientists around the world.

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If you have questions regarding how to add content, please contact Breda Zimkus (

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