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This website will serve as a gateway for information regarding African amphibian species, where participants will write and edit species pages, upload images, and maintain bibliographic resources. The goal of this website is to develop an authoritative, community-driven resource for information on African amphibians. We expect this to be a key resource for both the public and experts in the field, including those who may not have access to original descriptions, taxonomic changes, and updates of species distributions from scientific journals. In addition to serving as a stand-alone resource, this Scratchpad will feed content directly into the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) and AmphibiaWeb.

Have something to contribute? You can become a member by creating a new account (Click Log In) or emailing Dr. Breda Zimkus (bzimkus@oeb.harvard.edu).

Special thanks to EOL for supporting Breda Zimkus with a Rubenstein Fellowship in 2010/2011. Content is continually being added by members, so please visit often!

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