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Chemical Camouflage– A Frog's Strategy to Co-Exist with Aggressive Ants

The West-African savanna frog Phrynomantis microps lives in the underground nest of ponerine ants, but it lives unharmed.


"Lost" Long-Fingered Frog (Cardioglossa cyaneospila) is found in Burundi:


Conservation International's 'Search for Lost Frogs' campaign includes many African species:

24 Sept 2010- Update from Michael Cunningham

The search for the Amatola Toad, Vandijkophrynus amatolicus, led by Werner Conradie from the PE Museum, has just been completed. Unfortunately this toad was not found, but since the team was searching before the rains began, it is possible that a search during the wet season will yield a positive result.

A group from the National Museum of Zimbabwe, Bulawayo, led by Don Broadley with Rob Hopkins and Cath Sharp, left today to search for Probreviceps rhodesianus at the type locality: Stapleford Forest Reserve in the north-eastern highlands of Zimbabwe. They are also looking for Amietia inyangae there.

A group from South Africa (James Harvey, Michael Cunningham, Werner Conradie and Louis du Preez) leave on Sept. 26th to meet up with the NMZ Bulawayo group at Chimanimani NP in the SE highlands of Zimbabwe to search for Arthroleptis troglodytes. The team hopes to get to Chirinda Forest to search for a number of species described from there, including Arthroleptis xenodactyloides, Strongylopus rhodesianus, Mertensophryne anotis, Hyperolius swynnertoni.

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