New African Amphibian Species

New African amphibian species (2018)

New African amphibian species (2017)

New African amphibian species (2016)

New African amphibian species (2015)

New African amphibian species (2014)

Leptopelis mtoewaate from the Democratic Republic of Congo

Leptopelis grandiceps from Tanzania

Cacosternum thorini from South Africa

Leptopelis anebos from the Democratic Republic of Congo


New African amphibian species (2013)

Ptychadena nilotica (revalidation) from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda

Tomopterna wambensis from Kenya

Tomopterna gallmanni from Kenya

Hyperolius constellatus from the Democratic Republic of Congo

Cacosternum rhythmum from South Africa

Cacosternum parvum from South Africa

Cacosternum nanogularum from South Africa

Cacosternum australis from South Africa

Cacosternum aggestum from South Africa

Phrynobatrachus njiomock from Cameroon

Phrynobatrachus jimzimkusi from Cameroon

Amietia quecketti from South Africa and Zimbabwe

Amietia poyntoni from Namibia and South Africa

Hyperolius raymondi from Angola

Hyperolius rwandae from Rwanda

Hyperolius lupiroensis from Tanzania

Hyperolius jacobseni from the Central African Republic

Hyperolius inyangae from Malawi and Zimbabwe

Hyperolius howelli from Kenya and Tanzania

Hyperolius friedemanni from Malawi

Hyperolius dartevellei from Angola, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Republic of Congo, and Zambia

Pyxicephalus angusticeps from Algeria, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania


New African amphibian species (2012)

Hyperolius jackie from Rwanda

Breviceps branchi from South Africa

Phrynobatrachus rainerguentheri from Nigeria

Arthroleptis kutogundua from Tanzania

Hyperolius chelaensis from Angola

Astylosternus laticephalus from Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana

Strongylopus hymenopus from South Africa


New African amphibian species (2011)

Callulina meteora from Tanzania

Phrynobatrachus schioetzi from Nigeria

Tomopterna kachowskii from Ethiopia; Somalia

Tomopterna elegans from Somalia

Xenopus lenduensis from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Amietophrynus channingi from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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