A new frog genus and species from the mountains of the Southwestern Cape South Africa (Anura: Ranidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1989
Authors:A. Channing, Boycott R. C.
Keywords:Petropedetidae, Phrynobatrachus, Poyntonia

A new ranid frog is described from the mountains of the southwestern Cape Province, South Africa. It is placed in the Petropedetinae, but cannot be assigned to any existing genus. We erect the genus POYNTONIA to accommodate it and name the new frog Poyntonia paludicola. Poyntonia may be separated from the other genera of petropedetine ranids by the absence of a tympanum, the lack of digital discs, a tarsal tubercle, and lingual papilla, and the presence of webbing and an ossified omosternum. Populations of Poyntonia paludicola are known from five localities, all marshy habitats at high elevations in the southwestern Cape mountains. Adults are of moderate size (SVL 30 mm) and are very warty. The tadpoles are distinguishable from other ranid tadpoles by their small mouth, long tail, and presence of minute sharp tubercles in areas corresponding to positions of adult warts. The diploid chromosome number is 2N = 24. A sonagram of the male advertisement call is presented.

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